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Figma Freebie Kleros Design System

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2021-07-26 14:14:13 Post in category

Figma Freebie Kleros Design System

The Kleros Design System was created to reflect key principles, personality traits, and patterns, providing a cohesive language, consistent look and feel, and strong experience for all products within Kleros' ecosystem. 

It consists of a collection of atomic designed components created to foster the design, development, and integration with other applications.


120+ Atomic designed components.

8px base spacing system.

Themeable colors and typography styles.


Buttons, Containers, Collapses (Accordion), Dropdowns, Forms, Displayers, Pagination, File Uploader, Radio, Checkbox, Switch, Slider, Tooltips, Breadcrumbs, Alert Messages, Push Notifications, Tabs, Steps, Timeline, Progress, Selectors, Date & Time Picker, Group of Item Cards, Table, Headers, Modal Boxes.

+ Kleros specific organisms

Evidence Module, Appeal Module, Voting History Module, Dispute Header Module, Question Module, Navbar, Footer, Connect Wallet Box, Settings Box, Activity Box, Notifications Subscription Box, FAQ Module, and FAQ Page Template.

Kleros is an open-source online dispute resolution protocol which uses blockchain and crowdsourcing to fairly adjudicate disputes.

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