Familiar with flow diagrams in design systems? Use Figma, Sketch, or XD to create a system diagram. Download and create your own diagram now.

In design systems, a flow diagram is an essential tool for understanding how components of a system interact with each other. With the development of technology, software such as Figma, Sketch, and XD have emerged to help users create system diagrams more easily.

Creating a system diagram can make designing and developing a system easier by allowing users to identify issues in the system and propose solutions. With Figma, Sketch, or XD, users can create beautiful and professional system diagrams without needing to have drawing skills.

Downloading and creating a system diagram by oneself can increase flexibility and efficiency in work. Users can create and edit diagrams whenever needed without having to wait or rely on others. Furthermore, these software allows users to share and collaborate in real-time, speeding up the design and development process.