Figma Freebie Starter Design System

Figma Freebie Starter Design System

2021-06-29 14:42:07

Figma Freebie Starter Design System

A basic starter design system with inputs, buttons, tags, dropdown menus, tabs, type, color, etc. and a bunch of examples to help you get started.

Contributions welcome!

If you'd like to add components or improve the kit overall, you can either send your contributions to me (contacts can be found on my site: or simply publish the improved version as a remix.

UPDATE 1 (May 2020): Updated to use Auto Layout, fixed some inconsistencies, added components and improved examples with the help of Master plugin.

UPDATE 2 (Nov 2020): Added Variants! Improved some components with new Auto Layout. Turned some icons into components using Master plugin.

Author: Gleb
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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