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Ui4free Design system Figma Pegasus Design System New version

Figma Pegasus Design System New version

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2021-11-01 11:54:19 Post in category

Figma Pegasus Design System New version. 

Pegasus Design System is a Flexible, Consistent, and Accessible collection of components in Figma. Built using component Variants and now reorganized to increase the speed of workflow.


  • 300+ UI Components
  • 72+ Royalty-Free Original Icons
  • Customize to your brand colors/fonts etc.
  • Different Sized Components
  • Full-Form Building Buttons, Text, and Custom Inputs
  • Desktop, Mobile Web, and Native Patterns
  • Responsive, Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Grids
  • Base8 Sized for Pixel Perfect App Designs


  • Colors, Typography
  • Styles, Effects
  • Icon-set
  • Spacing, Photography, Grid System


  • Buttons, Text Inputs, Checkboxes, Radios, Checkboxes, Toggles, Sliders, Increment Stepper
  • Pagination, Progress Indicator, Avatars, Badges, Dropdown's
  • Accordions, Tables, Toast, Tooltips, Modals, Tabs

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