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Ui4free Design system Kendo UI Kit Default 1.0

Kendo UI Kit Default 1.0

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2021-05-05 19:25:07 Post in category

Kendo UI Kit Default 1.0

Kendo UI Kit enables you to start creating application designs based on Kendo UI component library supporting Material, Bootstrap and Kendo Default theme. Your developer teammates will be able to easily implement the designs in all modern and most popular application frameworks - React, Angular, Vue and jQuery.


UI kit helps the collaboration and design-to-development handoff by avoiding unnecessary iterations and enabling your web apps to be crafted as designed.


Both designers and developers in your team can use perfectly matching building blocks to save time and implementation efforts. Those building blocks can be easily modified and used as a foundation of your own unique design system.


The UI kit is build following best practices and Figma conventions to enable high level of customization and ease of use.

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