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Ui4free Design system Polaris for Admin: Icons

Polaris for Admin: Icons

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2021-04-22 08:19:34 Post in category

Polaris for Admin: Icons

This file provides visual representations of Polaris React icons in Figma.


The Polaris Web UI kit includes shared color, text, and effect styles as well as components. Use the complete UI kit in your teams or files by duplicating each of the files below from our profile page and publishing them in Figma:  


  • Polaris for Web: Components
  • Polaris for Web: Colors
  • Polaris for Web: Icons
  • Polaris for Web: Typography
  • Polaris for Web: Shadows


Detaching is okay! Since Figma should be a playground for design exploration, rather than a prescriptive or constraining guide, we’ve enabled detaching so you can use it as needed.

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