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Ui4free FigJam Interactive Figmaland - Free Figjam

Interactive Figmaland - Free Figjam

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2022-07-28 21:22:15 Post in category

Interactive Figmaland - Free Figjam

Widget intended to be used with Interactive Figmaland file

Or you can make your own interactive words by creating shapes with certain name prefixes. When the widget character is active, it will follow your mouse and treat these name prefixes specially:

  • ? Collision - The widget will not let the character walk within the bounding box of this node
  • ? Speed boost - When within the bounding box of a node marked with this name, the widget gets a speed boost
  • Interactive art - ”Interactive art” is an animation that will play when a character is nearby, e.g. a dog that wags its tail as you walk by, flowers that squish when you walk on them. To create animated art, simply create a regular Figma Group or Frame, whose name starts with “⏱”. When the widget character overlaps this art, it will cycle visibility on its child nodes. The child nodes are the animation frames.
  • ? Home - when within this node, widget will show a property menu that lets you change characters. Mostly used for debugging

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