Figma 2003 KDDI Emojis

Figma 2003 KDDI Emojis

2021-01-28 17:25:22

Figma 2003 KDDI Emojis. 

A redrawing of the emojis from the 2003 KDDI animated GIF set. That’s what we’re trying to do here. Feel free to draw a few. Maybe we can make a free open source emoji set out of them.

How to contribute

1. Cut an image from the ? To do page and paste it into ? Vectors. Keep the original on the left and the new vector on the right.

2. When the emoji is done, make the frame a component and paste it into the ? Categories page.

3. Add your name to the ? Contributors page.

Pixel Grid

Make sure to work on the pixel grid. There are 3 KDDI pixels per original pixel, and you should try to keep to that grid unless you want to add a bit more detail (by adding more expressive eyes for example).


Name your frames: [Emoji symbol] + [Emoji name] + [KDDI] or [Reloaded].


Feel free to comment on any issues you see with the existing drawings. No one owns this, anyone can help fix things. Any feedback is welcome.


The only thing I’d like to try to maintain is the original colors of the original KDDI set, and the general shapes of the original set. Also try to name your layers and keep things as cleanly drawn on the grid as possible.

Author: Brandon Oxendine
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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