Figma Freebie 900+ Phosphor Icons

Figma Freebie 900+ Phosphor Icons

2021-11-29 10:07:57

Figma Freebie 900+ Phosphor Icons. 

I made a simple tweak to Phosphor icon family, by combining the icons (variants) into a component set, now it's easier to change the weight of an icon, which makes it easier to prototype and extends its potential. hint: prototype.

The Description below is copied from the Phosphor's Figma community file

Phosphor is a flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

  • 894 icons and counting
  • 6 weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Fill, and Duotone
  • 5,364 total icons
  • Designed at 16 x 16px to read well small and scale up big
  • Raw stroke information retained to fine-tune the style
  • Icon grid included creating your own additions


Author: Muhammad Elsayed
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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