Figma freebie Flexicons FREE 64 icons

Figma freebie Flexicons FREE 64 icons

2021-01-06 17:01:52

Figma freebie Flexicons FREE 64 icons. 

Flexicons is an innovative icon pack with incredible features designed specifically for Figma users.

The pack includes 1200 unique icons drawn with Figma's Vector Network technology and with pixel-perfect geometry at base size of 24x24 pixels.

All icons are good-named and well-sorted Figma's components and can be used as a shared library.

In this FREE pack:

— 64 unique flexible icons as Figma components.

— Ability to tune up any of icon: stroke width, roundness, color.

— Three-in-one for each icon: filled, outlined or both at the same time (duotone).

— Pixel-perfect edges for each icon at base size (24x24px).

— Good naming and sorted categories, easy to find any icon.

— Optimized for ideal SVG export: only one filled shape (two shapes if there’s a duotone icon), even though the icon was outlined, even though it was filled.

The FULL pack includes 1200 icons designed in Figma and all SVG files for each state of icon (outlined, filled, duotone), so this allowing to use icons in any design app, not only in Figma.

Author: Alexey Kolpikov
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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