LogoS: Iran Banks & Gateways figma free

LogoS: Iran Banks & Gateways figma free

2020-12-05 09:51:08

LogoS: Iran Banks & Gateways figma free
While nearly all internet companies in Iran need to place bank and gateway logos on their website, no one has access to high quality vector logos as banks are not interested to share their vector files.

That's why I created this project on 2019 to take away the pain of finding bank logos for designers and developers and now I'm re-publishing it as a community file.

check my Github for other formats:




New Cover
Better component naming
Added component variations
Update: Vandar
Add: Zibal
Add: Saman Kish
Add: Pasargad Pep

Author: Pegah Rezai-Rad
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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