Free Corporate Scenes Illustration Set

Free Corporate Scenes Illustration Set

2022-05-17 10:45:26

A set of 14 professional yet amiable illustrations that depict everyday corporate scenes. Every illustration is 100% vector and is fully customisable as per your needs


What’s included?

  • 14 High-Quality Vectors
  • 3 Male and 3 Female Characters


Where can you use it?

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Onboarding Screens
  • Social Media Creatives


What scenes are included?

  1. Woman using phone

  2. Woman working on to do list

  3. Man using VR tech to analyse data

  4. Man attending online conference call

  5. Man transferring data to cloud

  6. Woman working from home

  7. Woman using tablet

  8. Man using office printer

  9. Man using whiteboard for planning

  10. Woman attending client's call

  11. Man and woman doing handshake 

  12. A setup of office workstation


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Author: Octet Design Studio
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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