Trinity 3D Illustration Kit Figma Free Template

Trinity 3D Illustration Kit Figma Free Template

2022-09-27 10:41:39

Trinity 3D Illustration Kit Figma Free Template. 

Trinity is a powerful and carefully crafted 3D illustration system with all the tools you need to create amazing scenes for websites, Marcom graphics, app experiences, and more.


Adapt object colors with an intuitive theming experience in Figma and open your eyes to the infinite scene-building possibilities.


Or, edit object elements and our elegantly rigged characters directly in Cinema4D.


What's included in the full pack?



- 15 Pre Created Scenes

- 90+ Drag and Drop Elements

- 9 Decorative Primitive Shapes

- Adaptable Colors



- 3 Different Characters

- 25+ Character Stances

- Rigged Characters in Cinema4D


Easily Build Scenes For:

Teamwork, Project Management, Roadmapping, Blockchain, VR, Drones, Ecommerce, Design, Development, Security, Customer Support, Marketing, Remote Work, Messaging, Music


And so much more

  • Downloadable Files
  • Figma, Cinema4D, PNG 0.5x, PNG 2X


Start building your own scenes with Trinity 3D elements.

Author: Brightscout
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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