Material Theming Android 10

Material Theming Android 10

2020-08-28 10:43:13

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This is a comprehensive UI Kit that contains Material Components and Android 10 system components. It is designed to be the most faithful recreation of the MDC library for Android.

This template has:

✨ Shape Theming 
Cut and Rounded corners for all themeable components.

✨ Type Theming 
Text Appearance styles and code samples for all of them.

✨ Color Theming 
All Material Components color attributes mapped to match production.

✨ Dark Mode support 
With elevation overlays that are automatically applied to each component when switching themes!

✨ Auto Layout support 
For buttons, dialogs, chips, sliders, dropdowns, notifications, list slots and menus.

✨ Auto Tint 
Automatically change system bars between black and white depending on the background, just like on Android 10!

✨ Themes and Styles 
Code samples on how to theme Material Components with real-world attributes used by developers!

✨ In-depth guides
Every major component contains its own guide, detailing all the customization options and built-in capabilities, as detailed in the real-world specs.

✨ Links
This template contains reference links to the implementation documents used for each component.

Latest changes (July 24th):

✔ Miscellaneous fixes


Previous changes (June 30th):

✔ Fixed button states

✔ Removed icon wrapper component

✔ Improved box stroke handling

✔ Overhauled chip components: Every variant, every state, every permutation

✔ Removed unnecessary guide sections
Design by: Eduardo Pratti

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Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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