Android 12 design Figma UI Kit

Android 12 design Figma UI Kit

2022-08-04 09:39:17

The biggest Material You UI Kit

Create designs using more than 1000 components, built to perfectly replicate the real-world, official Material Design Components library for Android.

✨ Android 12 is here!

This kit provides dozens of components to recreate the system UI for more accurate mockups and prototypes.

✨ Dynamic color

This UI kit was adapted to work with Google's new Material Theme Builder plugin. Easily change the theme of your entire system with just a few clicks!

Auto Layout v4!

All compatible components support Auto Layout, allowing for full customization of padding and spacing, as well as use advanced features such as absolute positioning to support more complicated behaviors.

✨ Component Properties are here!

The newest update to Variants is now fully supported, and have drastically reduced the amount of variants needed to support hide and show functionality.

✨ Shape Theming is back!

Now you can choose between rounded and cut corners in all themeable components! Enjoy the access to one of Material's best features to create a unique shape structure for your app.

✨ States & prototypes

Component states have been vastly expanded upon, and more components now contain hover states, which were mostly missing from the previous version.

✨ Widget improvements

Color extraction in widgets should be much more accurate and provide more consistent results.

Author: Eduardo Pratti
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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