DesignCode UI - Figma Design UI Kit & Design System

DesignCode UI - Figma Design UI Kit & Design System

2023-12-19 00:17:14

DesignCode UI provides an extensive design system that includes hundreds of Figma UI components and templates, all ready for integration with Framer. This system is designed based on extensive expertise in UI/UX design and is organized to facilitate ease of use and customization.

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50 Customizable Components

A collection of versatile components that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your project, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Pro includes 300+ components.

200+ Figma Variants

This vast selection of variants offers designers the flexibility to adapt each element to different use cases and design contexts, enhancing the user experience. Pro includes 2000+ variants.

1,000+ Unique Icons

Enhance your design with a comprehensive set of icons, each crafted to complement various design themes and improve interface navigation. Pro includes 2116 icons.

Auto Layout 4.0

Utilize the latest Auto Layout technology for dynamic and responsive designs, making your layouts adaptable and efficient.

180+ Variables including Dark Mode, Breakpoints

These variables provide the flexibility to create responsive designs that are visually appealing and function well across different devices and themes.

200+ Global Styles

Maintain a cohesive and consistent design language throughout your project with a wide range of global styles.

Backgrounds and Patterns

Select from a variety of backgrounds and patterns to add visual interest and depth to your designs.

Glass, Outline, Flat styles

Choose from these diverse design styles to cater to different aesthetic preferences and project requirements.

Comprehensive Templates and Sections

Streamline your design process with ready-to-use templates and sections, adaptable to various web projects.

DesignCode UI is a comprehensive toolkit for designing modern, functional websites. It offers a range of components and styles to suit different design needs, making it a valuable resource for both experienced designers and beginners.

Author: Meng To
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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