Free Figma Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Free Figma Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

2020-08-31 17:30:53

Free Figma Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. My first personal project to the community, I want to share something very special and very needed; a complete, reliable, high fidelity, and scalable Bootstrap UI Kit Library. All Bootstrap libraries out there aren't well designed, completed, and free like I pretend this project will be. All finished components have the best Auto Layout and Constraints practices, as you imagine, this project it's BIG; I work on this in my free time.

Enjoy and feel free to share your comments and your invaluable feedback on my Twitter: @josealvarezn.

Update 1.0.3


New: Forms

- Inputs

- Selects

- Textarea

- Checkboxes & Radio buttons

- Switches

- Range Inputs

- File Browser

Next version:

- Input groups

- List group

- Media object

- Modal


Library elements


Layout / Grids:

- Desktop HD (Extra large ≥1200px)

- Desktop (Large ≥992px)

- Tablet (Medium ≥768px)

- Tablet (Small ≥576px)

- Mobile (Extra small <576px)

- Container (Fluid)



- Typography / All the styles

- Images / Thumbnail



- Color styles

- Borders styles

- Shadows styles



- Forms

- Dropdowns

- Button group

- Cards

- Breadcrumb

- Buttons

- Badge

- Alerts




- Used: SF Pro Display / Apple System

- Alternative: Segoe UI, Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Arial


Workflow plugins


- Design System Organizer by Arthur

- Figma Format by Kazushi Kawamura

- Find and Replace by Jackie Chui

- Organize Layers by Yuan Qing Lim

- Sorter by Tom Lowry

Author: josealvarezn
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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