Monero GUI

Monero GUI

2020-09-21 11:15:06

UI designs and style guide for the Monero desktop wallet. The purpose of this file is to serve as a starting point for design explorations. I try to keep it 90% up-to-date with the live wallet software so it's an easy starting point for anybody to mock up their design ideas.


The file also includes some explorations that may or may not make it into the software. Those explorations help the community discuss how those areas can evolve before jumping into code. Explorations in the file currently are the account dashboard and the merchant page. Please contribute to those designs if you're interested.


Monero is an open-source project, completely owned and managed by the community. It gets better with feedback and contributions from people like you. Join the fun.

Author: Christoph Ono
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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