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PhonePe Dashboard - FinTech Figma Dashboard Template

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2022-09-14 09:50:38 Post in category

PhonePe Dashboard - FinTech Figma Dashboard Template. 

Hello again! Today, we bring to you a FinTech dashboard concept. PhonePe is a payments mobile app that meets all your payment, investment, mutual funds, insurance and banking needs. Here's a look at how you can use your web to access a more refined FinTech experience.


#6739B7 - #9A7EC9 - Primary gradient for cards

#6739B7 - Primary brand color

#E5C453 - Secondary yellow

#E57255 - Secondary orange

#46BDDF - Secondary blue

#121212 - Black 1 used as dark theme base

#1A1A1A - Black 2 used as contrast to dark theme

#FCFCFC - White 1 used for prominent headings

#F5F5F5 - White 2 used for subheadings and body copy

#52D273 - Positive state

#E95065 - Negative state


Uni Neue (Bold) - used as PhonePe's branding for headings

Uni Neue (Regular) - used as PhonePe's branding for body text

Asset Link or credits:

3D illustrations are shared from Iconscout

Icons are from Iconly



Linear Gradients


Isometric design

Skew planes

3D mockups

Elevated UI

Dark mode

Our designer says:

“I love experimenting with design. Be it in terms of interface or technique. Finances are important to us, thus handling them from a screen as small as a mobile can be challenging. This little thought ignited an idea - What if PhonePe has a web dashboard? Studying and researching on how I can implement the brand guidelines into an entirely new platform resulted in this design. Hope you like it."

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