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Ui4free Design system Figma IBM Carbon Design System (Gray 100 theme)

Figma IBM Carbon Design System (Gray 100 theme)

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2021-11-02 10:20:34 Post in category

Figma IBM Carbon Design System (Gray 100 theme). The Carbon Design System (Grey 100 Theme) for Figma is based on the Carbon Design Kit for Sketch provided by the IBM team. I am in no way affiliated with IBM. There are very few changes to make it compatible with Figma. So, I tried to keep it as consistent as possible while at the same time enabling the use of Figma's features. Although it is based on the latest release of the Sketch Kit, it is a little bit different as I fixed some bugs I found in the Sketch Kit along the way and already provided a more current representation of the Design System (ie moving the helper text below the input fields).

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2021-11-04 14:45:20
You should at least give credit to the person whose file you are using as your own. You didn't even change the content. This is the original post you stole from: https://www.figma.com/community/file/1037014841172716183

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