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Ui4free Design system Figma Tini Design System 3.4 Update

Figma Tini Design System 3.4 Update

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2022-12-30 17:04:40 Post in category

Figma Tini Design System 3.4 Update. 

The Tiki's Tini Apps design team builds a design system for the Tini App platform based on the Tiki design system. The Tini will help product designers to uniform the user interfaces to focus on a better user experience and deliver ideas and products faster.


Dec 30th, 2022

The last Friday of 2022 had minor changes for the Tini UI library.


  • Added X-small medium,
  • Added Semibold font-weight.

Toast bar:

  • Change the brand reverse button to the neutral reverse button.


  • Remove the border of the Inactive tab.

Also, we have updated the Icon collection, which includes over 100 icons.

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