Game of Strife 2020 figma free

Game of Strife 2020 figma free

2020-11-27 09:44:21

Game of Strife 2020 figma free

Version 4.2 - Beta (See updates after description)


This is a community beta version of the Game of Strife 2020, a satirical game about life in the end times (2020).


This game is meant to be played with your remote work team as a method of decompression or bonding, and is designed to be used with some kind of group audio/video conferencing service as a method of communication. You can also play it with family and friends!


Works with 3 or more players. Please read the rules and intro on the welcome page before playing.


One player will need to know how to use Figma plugins, this beta is designed to use the online spinners.




  • Clarified career loop spaces to go to payday
  • Added new banker spinner rules page
  • Added launch pad and retirement space
  • Removed antiquated land mechanics in disaster clock
  • Added hidden illustrations layer
  • Added more spaces
  • Made the career loop more obvious
  • Made children smaller so the cars are less likely to break



Coming soon in V5 (October 24th):

Board Illustrations (I'm still working on them)

Custom spinner plugin

Spreadsheet powered spaces (Customize your own game!)

New Game Mode 4 Spaces that are determined by survey questions before playing


Coming soon in V6 (November 30th):

Wormholes (multi-page play mode)

Author: Jacob Waites
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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