Freebie Figma Byte Dance Icons Open Source

Freebie Figma Byte Dance Icons Open Source

2021-01-04 13:32:49

Freebie Figma Byte Dance Icons Open Source. 

Update highlights:

  • [30th Dec] Added "icon/" prefix to each icon component, so they won't interfere with your component search results
  • [13th Nov] Unified Two-Tone icons into filled as well
  • [19th Oct] Fixed overlapping issue for outlined icons and converted all stroke paths to fills.


The Iconpark library project was initiated in July 2019, and It's now ready to meet the general public after a year of researching and development.

IconPark is committed to the standardization and unification of icon application, providing a variety of high-quality icon content, to meet the capacity of batch configuration icon style; At the same time, it satisfies multiple technical teams to call icon resources through interfaces, making icon use more simple and efficient.

Author: Mr.Biscuit
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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