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Ui4free Mobile Templates FinAlly UI Kit Figma Free Mobile Template

FinAlly UI Kit Figma Free Mobile Template

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2022-09-20 10:09:11 Post in category

FinAlly UI Kit Figma Free Mobile Template. 

Fully customizable user interface kit. These templates allows you to ideate quickly in a visual format, for feedback and iteration.


• Learn about the Atomic Design System and how to apply it.

• Create new goals and track your spending using customizable categories and patterns.

• Keep track of habits and progress by analyzing the data visualization.

• Schedule a transfer, pay your bills, deposit checks, and send recipients money all in one app.

• Explore the clickable prototype to see FinAlly in action.

Key Features

Create and Manage Goals

FinAlly allows users to create spending and savings goals for themselves within the application.

• Data visualization is given to display the progress and growth of each goal that is set.

• Examine how these spending and savings goals can be created and adjusted in the app.

Track Spending Habits

Create spending categories and choose from a collection of patterns from the design system that has been made for you to choose from.

• Patterns will help differentiate the categories for your enjoyment.

• Get creative and explore how you can customize the application to your liking and make budgeting a fun process.

Manage Money All In One App

• FinAlly acts as an application to manage all of your banking needs.

• This includes scheduling transfers, paying bills, depositing checks, and sending recipients money. This is meant to simplify and improve users’ mobile banking experience.

• Do it all in one app and examine the process for each available feature.


Built-In User Flows

• Our team has created a clickable prototype for your use. This way, there is no need to worry where each screen goes or how they should animate in the app.

• From adding a goal to scheduling a transfer or depositing a check, we have polished up a comprehensive prototype to the minimize the guesswork for your ease of mind.

Start exploring and use your creativity!

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