Skinable iPhone 14 Pro Max Prototype

Skinable iPhone 14 Pro Max Prototype

2022-10-25 09:50:18

This photo-realistic iPhone 14 Pro Max prototype enables you to test and modify every, single pixel. Go wild testing new skins or your own Dynamic Island notifications.


What it includes

  • 100% Figma-illustrated iPhone 14 Pro Max (front and back)
  • 100% Customizable—including the case, camera, Dynamic Island notifications, and icons
  • Dynamic Island Prototype


What it does

  1. Swap iPhone skins that cover the back case and camera
  2. Test your own Dynamic Island notifications


10/24 Updates

  1. Simplified Wallpaper component structure to improve performance
  2. Added note explaining (a) that a Figma bug can cause third-party plug-ins to prevent wallpaper images from cascading; and (b) how to fix this issue if encountered.
Author: Jeremy Abrams
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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