Eve Free Figma UI Kit

Eve Free Figma UI Kit

2023-01-16 10:25:22

Designers should use their time efficiently by leveraging common components and layouts at the beginning of each project. Eve is a UI Kit/Design system that allows designers to quickly create functional, visually appealing layouts by using a range of customizable components. Eve was designed with a focus on accessibility and to be flexible to accommodate various products. The kit includes hundreds of component variants that can be used to build designs quickly using Figma's powerful auto-layout, variant, and property features. Start faster, build anything.





✅ Typographic scale (2 fonts)

✅ Icons

✅ Color palette (dark/light – over 200+ colors)

✅ Grid, spacing scale (8pt scale)

✅ Shadows (dark/light), layer blurs



✅ Alers/Notifications

✅ Avatar (150+ Image styles)

✅ Breadcrumbs

✅ Buttons

✅ Calendar

✅ Charts

✅ Divider

✅ Flags

✅ Inputs

✅ Media player

✅ Menu item

✅ Messaging

✅ Pagination

✅ Payments

✅ Pricing table

✅ Progress Bars

✅ Segmented controls

✅ Selectors (checkbox, radio, toggle)

✅ Slider

✅ Stepper

✅ Tabs

✅ Tags

✅ Tooltips

✅ Browser bars

✅ Table



✅ Forms (desktop/mobile)

✅ Cards

✅ Navigation (header desktop/mobile, side nav, footer, and more)

Author: Tré Wilson
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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