Source Starter Kit 2.0 Free Download

Source Starter Kit 2.0 Free Download

2022-11-16 14:25:23

Source Starter Kit is a free and customizable starter file for your Figma projects.

It will help you kickstart your next design system with atomic and interactive components built following industry standards.


  • Built using Figma Tokens plugins for lightning fast customlization
  • Component properties: lighter library, easy to maintain, customize and enrich
  • Built with DesignOps mindset: clear styleguides, reusable components, auto-layout & resizing
  • Documentation, tutorials & best practice contents for easy onboarding
  • Free & regularly updated


Button, Input, Text area, Dropdown, Radio & checkbox, Search, Date picker, Label, Tag, Badge, Table, Avatar, Toast, Modal Dialog… And more to come in the next updates!


  • Any question, suggestion or request ? Let us know here in comments, we’ll answer ASAP
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@source_paris) for updates
  • If you find our starter kit useful, support it by leaving a like or comment here

About Source

Source is a Bureau of Design & Technology on a mission to make corporates and startups more capable through state of the art digital solutions.

Author: Benjamin Chareyron
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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