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Figma Whimsically Wireframe Kit Free Download

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2021-09-08 13:36:42 Post in category

Figma Whimsically Wireframe Kit Free Download. 

A wireframe kit inspired by Whimsical.com.


Key Features,

  • Resembles the visual and spacing styling of Whimsical.com wireframes
  • Includes most of the common component types
  • A toolbox that you can quickly drag & drop components from
  • Most components have various variants to choose from including different Sizes, Colors, States and Alternative Styles

Known Issues / WIP Items,

  • More icons. This kit uses SF Symbols for all its icons. Plan to include most common icons. You can also just copy/paste them from the SF Symbols app if you are using a Mac.
  • Icons need more sizing options.
  • Icon container does not scale properly.
  • Divider resizing in the wrong direction.
  • Override values not retained when switching variants for certain components.
  • Button and Text reset sizes when changing alignment.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated or related to Whimsical.com by any means.

Feel free to leave your thoughts or any issues you encountered in the comments.

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