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Ui4free Design system Spectrum UI Design System Figma Free Download

Spectrum UI Design System Figma Free Download

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2022-08-17 10:53:45 Post in category

Spectrum UI Design System Figma Free Download. 

Welcome and thank you for checking out Spectrum UI.


Spectrum UI is an accessible, dark interface design system for mobile devices.

  • Colors meet WCAG 2.0 AAA guidelines for contrast.
  • I chose the name and theme as I’m Autistic and I like bright colors.

Alpha release

Spectrum UI is currently an alpha release. Updates will be released as new components, features, and documentation are added.

Alpha release includes

  • color styles
  • text styles
  • modular input icons component
  • configurable button component

The configurable button component features options for

  • emphasis (high | medium | low)
  • icon (on | off)
  • state (default | pressed | disabled)

in each theme color and each Font Awesome license (Free + Pro).

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  • Author: Nathan Cooper
  • File name: ...
  • Version: ...
  • Total page: ...
  • Last modified: ...
  • Licensed under CC BY 4.0

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