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Ui4free Learning Figjam Workshop Toolkit (v1.3)

Figjam Workshop Toolkit (v1.3)

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2021-12-16 10:08:36 Post in category

Figjam Workshop Toolkit (v1.3). 

This toolkit includes exercise templates and instructions based on the Workshopper Playbook and our experience running workshops!


What's included:

  • [✨ NEW] FigJenda session timers for each exercise
  • Intro to FIGJAM exercise
  • Personal workspaces
  • Sailboat Exercise
  • Dot Voting & HMWs
  • 10 for 10 exercise
  • Crazy 8s exercise
  • Brainwriting Exercise
  • Action board (Effort/Impact matrix)

We hope you enjoy it, and we strongly encourage you to leave us feedback on this template so that we can continue to improve it!

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