Iron Card Effect - Figma Learning

Iron Card Effect - Figma Learning

2022-08-31 14:26:35

Iron Card Effect - Figma Learning. 

We rushed to prepare a special Guide for you in the first month of summer. This time it's Iron Card. In addition to the fact that such a card belongs to the premium segment and you will not find more such a step-by-step presentation of the material, we tried to present the stuff so that you can use all the information to create any iron-design materials.

Of course, we just spell it out for you to create your iron designs and tag us. And also, we recommend that you pay special attention to the gradient position and blending modes. If you don't follow the instructions clearly, the final effect will be different.

With Love, Halo Lab Team ❤️✨.

Author: Halo Lab
Free license: Licensed under CC BY 4.0
File type: Figma
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